Virtualbox transparency

This is my first time installing Virtualbox on this machine, and I'm having display problems. I basically can't see anything. Everything is milky white when I try to install Win7 guest:

vb-display OS.

The only graphics controller I can select is vboxsvga. The others produce an Invalid Setting error.

I followed this guide to get VB installed:

Can someone help me troubleshoot this, please?

(By the way, this ISO installed properly on gnome-boxes, but I'm trying VirtualBox because gnome-boxes has limited functionality and I can't get shared folders to work...)

You are not the first to have this issue - maybe you could have searched the forum?

You need to tweak you Kvantum theme settings.

Please do read the HowTo on VirtualBox as you will find many possible solutions to issues you may run into.

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Let me look at that again. (I did search the forums and Google.) I found some instructions to uncheck respect current DE, if possible, but I can't uncheck it. It's enabled, but a faded green I can't alter... Let me look again following what you said...

Thank you. Looks like I just needed a pinch of extra help. I added VirtualBox and VirtualBoxVM to the opacity list.

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To be honest - I just found the second solution myself - Translucent windows - and updated the HowTo.

Anyway - welcome - and don't hesitate to ask :slight_smile:

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