Virtualbox USB, not working

I installed with pacman virtualbox and the the addons, in a windows 7 machine the usb driver won't install ...

added vboxusers

Need to install the extension from within virtual box on the first menu. Then enable USB in the virtual box settings of the machine you created.

What version of virtual box are you using?

in the windows, right? done that ...
the verion is the last 5.1

Then you just need to set the proper setting under your virtual machine. Enable it for your specific machine you are running.

Just go through all the settings until you find it. What's the name of the virtual box machine you are working with?

Linux Seth-666-Laptop 4.4.16-1-MANJARO #1 SMP PREEMPT Wed Jul 27 21:09:47 UTC 2016 x86_64 GNU/Linux
LSB Version: n/a
Distributor ID: ManjaroLinux
Description: Manjaro Linux
Release: 16.06.1
Codename: Daniella

Settings yes... on the virtualbox in machine and by side everything that i think of i tryed it

Guest ISO installed? I'm at a loss. Until my monitor comes in about 6 hrs I have to operate from memory... sorry I can't be more help. Does the machine run otherwise that you created?

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Windows 7 (virtualBox) No i run it just sometimes for small things
i'am sorry maybye i am not understanding exactly you're questions ...

Mount the ISO and run the guest edition binary for Linux and that should get you up and running.

ok, i understand , but ... i use 5.1 this extension is VBoxGuestAdditions_5.0.16.iso , but i will give it a try , as you say. the previews versions workd super fine for me 5.0 , Hole virtualbox 5.0 and extension 5.0


Just tryed, i got


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VBoxExtPackRegister returned VERR_VERSION_MISMATCH, pReg=0000000000000000 ErrInfo='VirtualBox version mismatch - expected 5.0 got 5.1'.

Result Code: 

NS_ERROR_FAILURE (0x80004005)




IExtPackManager {edba9d10-45d8-b440-1712-46ac0c9bc4c5}

There isn't a more recent guest additions ISO so I don't know what to say... until my monitor comes in the mail and I can pull up my windows and install it myself and see first hand what's wonky....

4-5 hrs wait I imagine.

ok so i'm creating a virtual disk now. what version of manjaro are we talking about so i install the right one?

As I understood he is running windows 7 as guest on his manjaro host

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wait, he's running windows 7 in a virtual box on a manjaro host computer?

I thought he was running manjaro in a virtualbox on a windows 7 host computer...

Clearly, i've not been following along.

if you are running windows 7 inside a virtualbox then you need to run the guest additions exe for the windows guest.

Yes i am running a win7 on a os manjaro xfce 16.06.01

That is just as confusing, since you are not apparently a native English speaker. Try this:

  1. Which OS did you install to your hard disk drive?
  2. Which OS did you intall in VirtualBox?


The guest additions ISO is not the same version as the extension pack or the virtual box. Therefore I recommend you downgrade the extension pack and the virtual box software to match the version of guest additions and that will solve your problem.

Main primar operation system: Manjaro .
In manjaro with virtualBox i installed windows 7 x64.

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This is how I got Virtualbox to detect connected USB devices.

Group permissions for user should include the following:

disk lp network video audio optical storage scanner power usbmux sambashare vboxusers users

Use the admin user to set permission for standard user.

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