virtualbox usb support

My host is Manjaro XFCE...guest is Windows 7

When I plug in USB devices, they're not showing up in my Windows 7 virtual machine.

Should USB devices be recognized...if so, how do I do it?

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Thanks Jonathon,

Accessing host USB devices in guest

To use the USB ports of your host machine in your virtual machines, add users that will be authorized to use this feature to the vboxusers user group.

How do I do this?


You may find more details about group management here:

Essentially, what the wiki is saying is that Virtual Box will only allow members of the vboxusers group to use that feature and therefore, you will need to add every users you want to allow to use that feature into that group.

You may do so either graphically with a GUI tool (Manjaro Settings Manager has a tool to manager users and groups) or in the command line with the command suggested in the link I provided above.

Note that no matter how you do it (GUI or CLI), group changes you apply on users will only be really effective at the next login; therefore, if you add a user in the vboxusers group that is currently logged in, that user will need to log out and log in back.

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Please read the wiki pages instead of immediately asking a follow-up question.

The page you linked to in your quote has a command to add a user to a group.

90% of issues can be solved by reading.

The Arch wiki is one of the best resources on the web. It's well worth the time.

@jonathon is correct about Arch Wiki being the source for Linux information.

You could also benefit from our #technical-issues-and-assistance:tutorials section

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Thanks for your replies.

I added a user to the group via cli "gpasswd" command, restarted several times, but USB devices are still not recognized.
When I run groups user in terminal, it shows that my username is a member of vboxusers group????

for example my username is "dude"

I typed "gpasswd -a dude vboxusers"

Is this incorrect?


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