Virtualbox with Archlinux on Manjaro

Hello everyone,
I've trying start Archlinux in Virtualbox on Manjaro, but I have trouble with kernel modules.
I need vboxdrv module but I don't know what package it comes. From Arch Wiki I read that I need to install virtualbox-host-modules-arch but

sudo pacman -S virtualbox-host-modules-arch
error: target not found

Can you explain me how to start virtual machine?
Now I have only this

Thianks for answers.

Is this issue Arch VM specific, or are you having issues with all virtualbox VMs?

What virtualbox packages do you have installed? Note the host extra module packages are required for each kernel you have installed.

$ pacman -Q | grep virtualbox
linux414-virtualbox-host-modules 5.2.12-2
linux416-virtualbox-host-modules 5.2.12-2
linux49-virtualbox-host-modules 5.2.12-2
virtualbox 5.2.12-1
virtualbox-ext-oracle 5.2.12-1
virtualbox-guest-iso 5.2.12-1

As for the specifics of an Arch guest OS installation within a virtualbox VM ...

I'm not trying another package and have this packages

pacman -Q | grep virtualbox
linux316-virtualbox-host-modules 5.2.12-1
virtualbox 5.2.12-1
virtualbox-host-dkms 5.2.12-1

Are you really on Kernel 3.16? o O

You also need the virtualbox extensions. virtualbox-ext-oracle

And did you follow this guide?

Okey, I will try
And no, I follow thiw guide
Are this important? I think installation very similar on Manjaro and ArchLinux.

That should be installed later in the Arch VM

Arch will be the guest os, so it will be this package:


and add this service in the virtualized Archlinux:

sudo systemctl enable vboxservice

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Yes, my bad

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This message has been for years - the correct message should be

sudo vboxreload

Thanks for the info.

My mistake is that I installed linux316-virtualbox-host-modules but should install linux414-virtualbox-host-modules. So I installed this then reload modules by sudo vboxreloadand It's work.
Thanks all for advice.

In section "Running Manjaro in VirtualBox" -

The videos don't work for me - only lead to a page saying "video not available". Can anyone confirm that?
I am trying out manjaro on a kubuntu install - and am trying to add a shared folder between the two (till now could not figure that out/make it work - hence the video may hold the solution - but: doesn't work).

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