Virtualbox won't work. No /sbin/vboxconfig file

I can't get virtualbox to work. I don't even have a vboxconfig file. I did some searching around on google and can't find a solution that works. I've tried several steps that I can't even remember (not smart if I don't know what I'm doing, I know). But a couple of them were, install linux-headers, install virtualbox-host-dkms, and I even updated my kernel to see if that helped, but to no avail. I was using 4.19, now i'm using the 5.2 kernel. Tried reboot, but that didn't help either.

I'm trying to get Genymotion to work, but the sudo service virtualbox start command didn't work. service didn't even register. I had Genymotion working before I did a reinstall.

Any idea what's going on?

It sounds like you have been using the try random commands for other distros until something works technique.

I would recommend uninstalling virtualbox-host-dkms. Then follow the instuctions in the wiki:


sorry won't be much help , but i had the exact same problem the other night went to bed did not do anything , next day woke up turned the laptop on ran virtualbox so i can get the same error so to google it but there was no problem.

Install the modules for your kernel instead of dkms

List your kernel and install - example

~ >>> mhwd-kernel -li                                                           
Currently running: 5.2.3-1-MANJARO (linux52)
The following kernels are installed in your system:
   * linux419
   * linux51
   * linux52

Then install the kernel modules for the kernel - example

sudo pacman -Syu linux419-virtualbox-host-modules linux51-virtualbox-host-modules linux52-virtualbox-host-modules

Remember to install for every kernel you use.

The command /sbin/vboxconfig is for other distributions. On Manjaro (and Arch) use

sudo vboxreload

A wiki document on the forum is also available

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That worked! Thank you!

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