Virtualizing Windows-10 from manjaro.

Hi, I'm very new to Manjaro and Linux as a whole, I've had some experience installing and using Manjaro in secondary system of mine, and now would like to try a setup in my main machine.

The problem is I would still probably need windows for a lot of my uses, probably not for working, but to do some gaming, and maybe some software not supported by linux, so I thought about virtualizing Windows-10 inside Manjaro.
I've had experience with virtualization software in this machine (windows) and it went quite well. The problem is: all my files are split between two drives, one SSD containing Windows-10, and some other core files, and a HDD containing bigger/less important files.
My questions are:

  • If I do install linux (and remove windows, no dual boot) and then use some virtualization software withing manjaro, such as KVM or VirtualBox, to run Windows-10, will I be able to use all my windows files in there?
  • Would I have to pass all them to a single drive, then format it with linux's file system and virtualize a drive?
  • Is manjaro even well suited for this type of stuff? Would the virtual machine run appropriately?

Thank you very much in advance, and sorry for anything.

Depending on your games you may want to keep a dual-boot system. I am not a gamer but graphic performance is not great using virtualbox.

You could take a peek at our guide to dual-boot

It is difficult to give an usable answer on how to proceed.

However you choose to run Windows - Windows is limited to the Windows filesystems - but it is easy to share your home folder with the virtual machine - thus changing the boundary to the filesystems Linux can read :slight_smile:

But I am - reasonably - sure you will be disappointed with your gaming experience - unless you choose games which can be run using Wine or even created with Linux in mind - again I am not suited for having an opinion on gaming.


Thank you very much, I'll take a look at the dual boot.

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