VLC, a solid media player... BUT on Manjaro?

Since discovering VLC for the first time I have found it to be an extremely reliable media player on both Windows and Linux systems... BUT of all the Linux distros that I have tried and used from past to present I can only complain about VLC's performance and reliability on Manjaro.

I don't know why, but compared to my experience on Windows and all other distros (Ubuntu, Debian, OpenSuse, Slackware) it is significant more sluggish, would freeze on occasion and flash black or white every time I adjust the system volume or switch between windows on Manjaro XFCE.

Don't get me wrong. Even with these problems I still think it's a rock solid media player. It just doesn't pair up well with Manjaro XFCE in my case(s). Luckily it seems this "bad pair-up" is only true for VLC on my systems. I've started using SM Player and it works like a charm. It would still be nice to know why VLC is so problematic on my systems and I welcome some speculation although I don't think it worth fixing if I can just use another media player instead.


So my speculation is that its something about your install because VLC is quite popular and there would be countless posts about such issues.

Post it under "technical issues" if you want it solved, otherwise here is fine for chatting, ranting and eating popcorn.


For me vlc is just as reliable on Manjaro (KDE) as on any other system I had. I use it daily and haven't had any difficulties.

Well, I can't argue with that and I have similar thoughts. This leads me to more questions: Should VLC be reinstalled for a fresh Manjaro install? Is VLC then broken on the ISO even though the checksum of the downloaded file succeeded?

I have 3 systems running the Manjaro XFCE installed from the same ISO and all of them show similar behavior.

Also thank you for allowing me to rant about it.

In that case I envy you for having no issues. My speculation has also lead me to point the finger of blame at XFCE, but at the end of the day I still prefer it much more over the other available DE.

Use builtin logger or run it from terminal to get more info?
Smplayer with mpv works like a charm, confirmed. :wink:

I found some years ago when VLC was giving me grief that I prefer smplayer
[also it looks pretty good if you download the themes or skins too]


BTW - the flashing thing you mentioned on VLC usually means something like your output should be changed - to or from opengl, etc ... search the forums and you will find a thread or two.

What this really comes down to is a few things .. smplayer uses a better and more lightweight backend. It also has 'more sane' defaults. By contrast VLC is bulkier and in more then a few cases you may need to flip a few switches to get a 'normal' experience - unlike what you expect from VLC.
..but I dont think manjaro does anything to set different default options.


Thanks for the comments. I might follow it up one day to try and fix it.

And may I say, that's quite a neat skin you got there! :+1:

Just install the extras available from the repo and for my setup its ( I dont use 'skins' )
GUI > Basic
Icon set > PapirusDark
Style > Breeze


Thanks, I played around after seeing it and found it.

Have you tried VLC on other distros recently? Maybe recent versions of VLC is problematic with your hardware. You can try it on a live ISO of another rolling distro with xfce.

As others said, smplayer's performance has been always better for me too. Even 10 years ago, it was the same. Here is my smplayer look:
GUI > Mini
Icon set > PapirusDark
Style > kvantum-dark (KvAdaptaMaiaDark is selected in kvantum)
Moreover, smplayer's compact mode is quite nice too if you want to see only video. Shortcut is Ctrl+C.

On windows, I suggest potplayer instead of VLC.


Xfce+VLC, no problem on my end.

Smplayer with themes and CUDA blows everything else away honestly. On Windows MPC BE does as good as well.

Can play 6K 10 bit footage from my S1H camera without any stutter.
VLC on neither platform can handle this footage...


I feel you. VLC for me is getting stuck in tray (xfce). I have to kill it because it's just there and won't quit or play. Recently all videos are interlaced. I tried everything that I could google but without any luck. Dunno what's wrong here. Booted live media ubuntu no problem there with same videos so it's not hardware I guess.

Edit: all good on smplayer thanks. Videos are crisp clean again


I have never really used VLC, not really my cup of tea. Tried mpv once and never looked back.

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I'm actually quite delighted to hear I'm not the only one experiencing some problems. It's also nice to know that you like smplayer too.


I am using VLC for many years now (on several different Linux distros and KDE) and have no such problems.

I had trouble with VLC not quitting.
@greeneyedcat I notice that your CPU is Intel. I uninstalled VLC and added the optional dependency of libva-intel-driver: video backend intel
I used Pamac.
It has solved that problem.


Can confirm, but on both Manjaro KDE & Cinnamon. Did not try XFCE.

Luckily I am a VLC user for a longtime, I can play every kind of videos on this platform. Although it is reliable on Manjaro, so, I never faced any issue on this, regarding video playing or audio listening but, recently I got stuck in some issues like when I watch a 1080 video I don't know why it is being stop, some times I am unable to listen my audio and some kind of issues I am facing facebook. Needless to I am a big fan of VLC buy from where I will get on my issues?
Help me anyone.

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