VLC, a solid media player... BUT on Manjaro?

My Manjaro KDE & Gnome :us: VLC works as it should. :sunglasses:

My experience with VLC on Manjaro KDE is terrible, it doesn't work at all and when it works, it only works once and then I have to open the system monitor to kill the program.

Both SM player and VLC works in my machine running Manjaro KDE with no problem. Still prefer SM player because used to it for few years.

As you can see this thread is more of a discussion of experiences rather than trying to solve a problem. I would suggest like @Coffeetron said that you should start a thread in the "technical issues" section if you're in need of a solution. I'm sure you will also get more people engaging to solve it in that section compared to this thread.

However, someone did make a suggestion to solve a related problem. There's no harm in trying:


Found 2 fixes for smplayer annoyances:

But that isnt anywhere near any kind of dependency for VLC.
Its just a package for Hardware Acceleration for Intels.
In most VLC 'issue' threads getting HW Accel right is almost always mentioned.

But it does bring up an interesting point - smplayer seems fine without the extra fiddling (HW Accel or not, etc) whereas VLC is finicky about this - it generally does not perform well without HW Accel properly implemented.


On another note - I think mhwd started including such packages for their respective drivers a while back.

Seems like it might be a KDE issue then. I'm getting the bug where closing a video before stopping it causes it to crash in the tray.

Not that I'm bothered, stopping the video before closing is a viable work around and there's always smplayer. Might give smplayer a go anyway now that y'all got me thinking about it, seems pretty slick.

I don't use VLC anymore, but the biggest problem for me was the video output set to auto which didn't work well. Better set the right output for your system.


Using it here on KDE,I get no issues whatsoever
VLC 3.0.8-6
Kernel 5.3.1-1
Nvidia 440


It worked for me. I couldn't get VLC to quit and I had to reboot to play another video.
I am not a GNU/Linux expert. I use the terminal sometimes.
I am trying to learn what I can about GNU/Linux.

Update. Installed smplayer, pretty slick.

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I wonder what was the change?

I have the same issue with VLC not exiting properly to the point I must reboot to play another file later on. However, I'm running AMD (Radeon HD 7660D) and have libva-mesa-driver and libva-vdpau-driver installed. Reading thru @cscs link, I can verify the proper configs as well.

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Also make sure to check VLC configs - such as output etc.



(also - for example, on some chromebook I forced linux on, I had to set it to X11 to get decent playback because of drivers and blah ... but if you have everything working properly, and set the configs properly .. VLC should work.... like I said, it just seems more 'finnicky' than I remember from years ago)


My settings were on automatic. After setting it to the VDPAU options as shown; it seems vlc is exiting properly and launching again just fine. Seems like 'finnicky' is a good descriptor Β―_(ツ)_/Β―

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Same here. After changing it to @cscs 's suggestion I noticed that my video playback stopped flickering each time I changed the system master volume or switching workspaces.

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Another vote for smplayer. I simply keep VLC installed as a backup. For those complaining about VLC not shutting down properly, this is a known bug with VLC.

This issue been posted about on the forum quite frequently. The last time I recall reading about this there was still no fix, but there may have been somewhat of a workaround if I recall correctly. Search the forum.


Like you i use smplayer and like it quite well . VLC is the first thing i uninstall when installing fresh . Its UI is absolutely horrid .


VLC crashes for me on every distro.

I have found celluloid/gnome MPV to be incredibly stable. I've never actually had a crash or an out of sync playback on celluloid

Have to agree... lately VLC has been crashing on me or completely immobilizing my PC. Nothing to do with Manjaro, happened in Mint 19.2 also. Shortage of RAM, sure, but it seems to be getting worse. I'll look at Celluloid and SMPlayer and find out if they support HEVC x.265 as well. That format is saving me gigabytes in videolibraries :wink: Synchronization of subtitles is supported already I saw. And I have been using VLC for soooo many years. Sorry to see it go...

Once you try smplayer you will not miss VLC. Be sure to install the themes to improve its appeance.


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