vlc crashes

hi there,

I m a big fan of vlc all of my digital life long, but recently it started crashing all the time, also on other distros, gets unresponsive, is problematic with formats , etc..
In manjaro I can play one video, and when it stops it crashes, I still have the icon in the taskbar but it is unresponsive. Any workaround for that? Or maybe a recommendation for a similar stable media player? Thank you :slight_smile:

There are hundreds(?) of video players. I like parole & celluloid personally. I've never been a fan of vlc. Given the forums are not full of complaints about vlc, I'd say you have something on your gear causing the problem. Given you provided no hardware (installation) details, it is hard to guess what might be incompatible.

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I switched smplayer years ago. The UI is terrible out of the box but you can clean it up with a few clicks.



VLC on Windows and Android is amazing. But for some reason I personally always have issues with VLC on Linux.

I've been using smplayer for the past few months. Looks horrible upon first installation, but you just need to go to settings and change a couple of appearance options and it looks great.

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The zombie process bug has been a thing for months, longer?

VLC (on Linux) is trash, there's a fix for the zombie process issue here but SMplayer is the way to go for a happy bug-free media player.

I like the Android app, I don't often need to use a video player on my phone but It's nice to have especially since MXplayer seems to have gone a bit peculiar.

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And the 'download subtitles' feature is pretty nifty. :slight_smile:


Hej Thank you all for your replies!

@ manyroads sorry I forgot: I m on a thinkpad x220, but had the same problem on mydesktop (old amd i7cpu, amd rx 480 graphics)

I will definitely try smplayer

EDIT: AHAHA I know what you mean with the apprearance, I changed that and till now works great! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Mpv baby mpv

And smplayer is a GUI frontend for mpv & mplayer

...btw .. your base64 'about me' has an error :wink:

I never used smplayer but good to know.

My code works, just did it. Hmm...

Look again. Run it again. Doesnt work as written.
But also this isnt your thread..

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