VLC does not work PulseEffects too

Hello guys i have been using manjaro for a week and i like it. But vlc does not work well. The graphic looks bad and when I close it remains in the application bar crashed XD .
I have tried everything, to changing output video, hardware acceleration. With output video xcb the graphic was good but there were lag audio.
vlc while playing a video below
So i have decided to use another media player. But now i need audio compressor, i found PULSE EFFECT from aur but only few effect are available(auto gain, crystallizer) and i cant click on most of them.
i have amd 580 with driver amdgpu, manjaro KDE, kernel linux 5.3
Help meee, thank you in advance and sorry for my bad english

Please post your system information with inxi -Fxxxza --no-host and also see:

Are you up to date? Please run sudo pacman -Syu and reboot after if there are any updates.

Are you referring to PulseEffects? There's pulseeffects in the commnity repo and pulseeffects-git in the AUR. Which did you install?

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Oh sorry I checked now and downloaded it from the comunity

guys i solved with vlc from snap that is previous version 3.0.7 instead last 3.0.8. now graphics seems ok

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I would call that a workaround, not a solution. There's still something causing the problems with VLC and PulseEffects that should not be happening.

if another user had similar problem would suggest:

pamac info vlc


pamac info pulseeffects

may show some optional dependencies for audio effects plugins

but wouldn't help with a snap package

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