VLC don't work with Open Source GPU driver

GPU: Geforce GT 610
Processor: Intel Pentium 3.20GHz
Driver: NVD9

When I try to run any video on VLC it don't work, on my screen are stripes with the predominant color of the video here is a screenshot (https://imgur.com/a/NhUQHPb) of my problem, the video in mp4 running on VLC is the same video in firefox. If I install my nvidia driver (390) I know the problem will be solved (cause I already tried it), but I really wish to stay here, in open source driver. Is there a way to solve that without installing nvidia driver?

Thanks for your attention

Please in the future try to provide more information, such as what troubleshooting steps you have done, Also searching the forum for issues with VLC would provide you with a list of issues and solutions.


Nvidia do not develop an open source driver, the nouveau open source driver is a third party reverse engineered hack ... and vastly inferior to the closed source proprietary driver.

If you want quality open source drivers then buy AMD hardware, not nvidia hardware.

Continue to use nouveau if that is your wish, but just realize (and accept) it will never perform as well as the proprietary blob.

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Well, it's sad :confused: If knew this, i would buy an AMD hardware, but I started with linux there's only two weeks, anyway I'm going to install the proprietary driver and in the future I will buy AMD hardware. Thanks for your help.

See if any one of this applies. Otherwise open a new ticket.


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