vmplayer opens vmware workstation

My problem is that I can't open VMware Player.
I have installed VMware Workstation 15.05 without a problem.
I see 3 links in the main menu:

  • Virtual Network Editor
  • VMware Player
  • VMware Workstation
    I clic on "VMware Player" and that opens "VMware Workstation" asking for a key.
    I have tried to launch it from terminal and it happens the same.
    Any idea?
    I have looked for this problem but I haven't found anything like this.
    Thanks in advance!!

VMWare Workstation will take the place of VMWare Player. Why? VMware Player is the free version of VMware Workstation. You will either need to buy a key or uninstall VMWare Workstation. On a worse note, you may need to reinstall VMWare Player after you uninstall VMWare Workstation.

It seems this is a bug documented here ...
I hope they'll fix it soon.

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