Hello there everyone!
this my first day using manjaro and i absolutely love it!
Altough i cant seem to install vmware.
Can anyone help me?


vmware workstation can be installed with:

pamac build vmware-workstation

You need to also follow the instructions on the AUR page to enable some services.

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Hi there thanks!

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Hi there again!
I installed vmware but its the paid version. Can you install the free version on there too?

It includes both versions. The free one is labeled "VMWare Player"

You should have both to choose from.

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oh ok let me try to reinstall vmware

oh i cant do pamac build vmware-workstation

Please share the error you are receiving.

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its in dutch but it says [sam@sam-ux302la ~]$ pamac build vmware-player Fout: het doel kan niet worden gevonden: vmware-player

Just do:

pamac build vmware-workstation

It installs both.

oh ok i will try it again so give me a minute

it says it will install these packages vmware-keymaps 1.0-1 AUR
vmware-workstation 15.5.6-1 AUR

its installing both now! i guess it whas a glitch

or just me being bind :joy:

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