Vpn does not come up after sleep

When my machine wakes up from suspend, networkmanager comes up correctly but not the previously chosen vpn.

I manage my access to vpn via networkmanager, which generally is fine. But i'd like to set network manager so, that it also brings up the preconfigured vpn setup.

Is there somewhere a setting in networkmanager, where i can configure this? Or, may be there is a systemd service which does that job?

My DE is pure manjaro-bspwm (no mate or xfce4). The described problem happens on two different machines ...

PS. I know there was this, somehow similar, thread: VPN does not automatically reconnect (but it's not exactly the same problem moreover this thread is closed.

I think a systemd service is the answer. Not quite the same problem, but follows the same rule/logic AFAIK

Thanks for the suggestion! But i'm not really familiar with systemd (rather openrc :wink: ) ... so what i'm looking for, eventually, would be a readymade solution :slight_smile:

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