VPN Password Wont Save

Manjaro KDE
Kernel 4.14

My router acts as an OpenVPN server. I have within network manager setup a connection to the VPN as a client and it works/connects as expected.

The issue I am having is for the user password. I have it set to remember and encrypt for current user only, but it prompts for the password every time I want to connect to it. If I manually enter the password into the pop-up dialog it connects just fine.

I noticed if I enter the password and hit apply it is still filled in, however if I hit ok and close/reopen the window the field is empty again (unlike wifi password fields that stay filled in with dots).

I only have the issue with the VPN, all of the Wifi connections store the password just fine (with the same encrypt for user only).

Any help/direction would be great. Not a big issue but one I would like to resolve.

My normal suggestion when it comes to misbehaving connections in Network Manager is to remove and re-add the connection settings.

This process can clear or create any settings (schema) that have changed between versions and so get everything working again as expected.

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I may eventually give that a shot. I was wondering if it had to do with the 3 files I had to create from the ovpn file. Maybe a line I didnt include or something in one of those 3 files preventing saving of passwords for it.

It was kind of a pain to get working, so I am a little hesitant to delete and redo it just to be able to save the password. I however also know you are right in that its likely the best course of action.

I was hopeing someone might have a terminal command to force it to save or something. I am guessing once saved there should be an entry in kwallet for it?

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