VSync does not respect multi monitor with differing resfresh rates

I have 2 monitors attached to my PC running Manjaro, one being 120Hz, the other being 60Hz.

At first, it appeared both monitors were running at 60Hz. After doing some research, I found that disabling VSync solved the issue, by changing the .drirc file in my home directory as per the Arch Linux wiki:

However this results in a lot of tearing, especially in video content and moving windows, as I expected and therefore it's a pretty poor solution.

Is there a way to get VSync running, while also respecting the refresh rates of my monitors?


A lot of settings can be automated but with special setups - different monitors with different properties - will almost always require some experimentation.

You will need to research on your specific card - as you will have to manually set resolution and refresh rate for a given monitor.

You may be able to set many settings using a GUI but the for the optimal settings you will need to create the configuration using partly GUI and partly manual.

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