W-LAN not working on MacBook Air (2015)?

Hello there,

i am a complete Linux beginner. Got tired of Mac OS and want to try something new. Stumbled over Manjaro and created a bootable USB Drive with balenaEtcher. On the long run i want to do a clean install and run only Manjaro KDE on this Macbook.

When i tried Manjaro from the USB Stick everything seemed to be working except W-Lan which didn't show any Hotspots near me. Since the Laptop can't connect via Ethernet i cannot troubleshoot later on :frowning:

The Iso i used was the Manjaro KDE 18.0.4 stable 64 Bit.
Do you need additional information?

So, can i get W-Lan to work on the Macbook and is there maybe a Guide how to do a clean install on a Macbook? Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Once you have installed the system, you must


and reboot.

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Ok thank you. Will i run into trouble if i don't have internet connection during setup? Can i install this broadcom command if i dont have Internet?


If you don't have internet, how can you check to see if it is working? I believe you will have to install from repos, therefore you will need internet. Unless you have the repos saved locally.

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So basically i cant install Manjaro because W-Lan is not working and i need internet to fix it...?

Okay i cant even install it, because it cant find a Partition to install on... I cant find any guides to install it on a Macbook that has the same Problems as i do. Too bad :frowning:

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