Wacom detection issues with KDE

I've had some issues with KDE Plasma 5 detecting a Wacom Intuos4. I tried several solutions and finally got it to work normally by NOT installing input-wacom-dkms and installing xorg-xinput along kcm-wacomtablet, libwacom and xf86-input-wacom (that were already installed with KDE).

At one point I had installed both input-wacom-dkms and xorg-input and didn't work. The trick was uninstalling input-wacom-dkms and installing xorg-input only.

I thought I'd post it just for the record hoping it might be of some help to somebody else.


Is ok that you post it. Nowhere in the wiki is mentioned the need of input-wacom-dkms and since Arch and Manjaro provide kernels that have the usbhid and hid modules that work for wacom and other devices trough libwacom, the dkms is redundant and conflictual.


I did end installing it because I read it somewhere and the device was not appearing in the listing. The wiki says:

Ensure your kernel recognizes your tablet. Connect your tablet via USB or Bluetooth. It should show up in dmesg | grep -i wacom and be listed in /proc/bus/input/devices (and if you use USB in the lsusb output). If it does not, your only chance is that your tablet is supported by a more recent driver than the one in your kernel. In that case install the input-wacom-dkmsAUR package.

I thought it was strange that my tablet wasn't supported in the kernel drivers because it's an old one, but I ended up installing input-wacom-dkms anyway out of desperation because it was not listed. Turned out it was adding to the problem instead of helping to solve it : )

Arch wiki is a boarder wiki, covers a lot of ground. Mentions almost everything is available and possible. If i was to do each step from it, just the wacom part on my end, the working tablet i have would end up in a mess. :slight_smile:

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right. That's how I ended up haha

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