Want run Manjaro from USB Device on different computers


I want to run Manjaro on a USB Stick to use it on different computers.

Is it possible to install additional programs on Manjaro Live (install media) if it is on a USB Device?

What possibilities do I have?

yes you could use some manjaro-tools to do that but i would reccomend to you that you use a distro like TAILS-OS which is designed to be used as a liveUSB and only as a liveUSB

May you specify this manjaro-tools in detail?


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Manjaro really isnt built for it. I inquired about similar things once architect was polished up.. but especially for a bigger DE like KDE it wont be nearly as nimble as youd like - even when setting things like 'toram' for loading OS into RAM completely or using other opts.
Tails is alright for an amnesiac and anonymous* take-with-you OS.
But for general purpose and sheer size/speed/complete toolset/persistence I love my puppy.

No. (Well, technically yes but they will be lost on reboot)

Install to the USB drive as with a normal installation, ensuring you use the free drivers and don't then alter e.g. graphics drivers.

If you have existing manjaro installation, manjaro-architect is especially suited for installing manjaro on removable device. You can follow the instructions here:

I am trying to install Manjaro on an external hard drive. For some reason, Manjaro isn't showing my drive in the "select device" menu.

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