Wanted to Try XFCE-gtk3/4.13 But Everything is Outdated, am I Missing Something?

Followed installation instructions in this post.

Struggled searching for any independent, up-to-date epository. Perhaps my Google-fu is slightly dated.

The manjaro-xfce-17.1.12-stable-x86_64.iso was the last using xfce4 (old gtk2 based AFAIK) before the complete port to xfce4-gtk3 that comes now by default with manjaro-xfce-18.0.4-stable-x86_64.iso or manjaro-xfce-18.0.4-stable-minimal-x86_64.iso

The conversion from the first should be working by using that post you mentioned, but also make sure the mirrors are ok too.
sudo pacman-mirrors -f5 && sudo pacman -Syyu
then follow that post commands.

You should end with the latest packages installed.
Switching branches to testing or unstable will provide packages that are not yet on stable.


My mirrors were set half-across the world, now they're local again. Could have sworn I set them to up-to-date locals back in Jan, oh well! Thanks! :partying_face: Everything installed, zero warnings (Except for mesa).

Should I start a separate thread about migrating from KDE Plasma :thinking:? Would love to go back to XFCE. :grin:

To be honest, i would do a fresh install for that, or at least use a different user. The reason is that manjaro-kde-settings will conflict manjaro-xfce-settings and/or manjaro-xfce-gtk3-settings and those have a bit of impact in some dependencies.

It all depends as not all of them sync in order. Personally i use only 3 that i found to work for may region, i check if one is updated and use that as default, so from time to time i rotate between them before i start the update process. Worked fine so far on all 3 branches.

Yeah, made too many changes and now the install is all iffy. Something to keep me busy in my free time, can't complain! :upside_down_face:

Happened already, broke things first and asked questions later. :rofl:

Great, had no idea we had access to a nifty tool like this. :+1:

Manjaro Architect did an XFCE 4.12 install.

GRUB failed.

PARTUUID choice is ignored, UUID is set regardless.

Still can't jump back to Architect after chrooting from within the installer.

Do I need to reinstall again? I don't want a pile of unneeded, XFCE4.12 packages laying around.

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