wayland vs gnome behavior for vmware horizon client


I use Vmware horizon client to do my office work,
When i use Xorg to login to gnome ,everything is good except that window focus sometime does not work correctly, meaning, suppose i have 3 windows open all maximized and the top one is say vmware, i minimize it but then the next window does not get focus even it shows on the screen, it started sporadically only when using vmware but now happening frequently even when not using vmware.

When i use wayland, everything is good, but i get another problem there which is, i cannot do alt-tab or super key inside. suppose i am in Vmware in full screen and i press alt-tab, it switches between the vmware and the other application open on my desktop, it should have done alt-tab between the apps open inside the vmware.

Any help or pointers please

Please read this comment here

Now make sure you have the desired option enabled in Tweaks > Windows > Window Focus
Mine is like this for example


The Host will always respond to Alt+Tab because the keyboard is not isolated from it while the mouse integration (or whatever vmware uses) is not "inside" the VM window. Once it is, then only the VM will respond to Alt+Tab.

Thanks a lot, i did the above and installed the remove delay extension.

Hope everyone doing good and staying home during this pandemic.

One more thing i was able to on windows but somehow not on any linux - drag and drop to another open window. say i have file manager open with songs on it and i have my music player also opened, now i want to select song from file manager and drop it to the music player.

In windows i would just drag it then do a alt-tab or hover the mouse on the minimized panel and it will pop open the window and just drop the file and it will play.
Anyway to achieve it in linux(should i open a new discussion in newbie corner for this, i would think yes) it just popped in my mind when i see raise windows when focused option which i did not select because then u have to be precise where your mouse is.

I can drag and drop perfectly fine ... So you should be able to do it too. Change a few things if you prefer a different behavior ...

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U r right it works..i dont know what i was doing last time..

Coming back to the issue of keyboard isolation in wayland..i cant seem to find any settings to fix it

Alt tab delay and focus in hover also didnt do the trick on xorg...one good thing that it happens (as of now) only when using vmware horizon client..

--> After i disable hover to focus from dash to panel( i changed to click to focus), i have not seen it happening.
--> Drag to drop works fine when doing it from local drives, but it fails when doing from a windows network drive. for. e.g i copied a video file to my local drive and did a drag drop to vlc and it works, but if i do drag and drop the same file from my network drive, it fails to run(may be a vlc problem as it fails to recognize it).

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