Webkit2GTK is old

Hello, I am not sure if I am right. I have installed Gnome and WebKitGTK+ is right now 2.16.6-1. The latest release is 2.18 (September 2017). Does "-1" (2.16.6-1) mean that something has been backported already or is there really a need of an update? Thanks.

The "-1" is the Arch/Manjaro package release number 2.16.6 or 2.18 are the upstream release number


2.18.0 is in the repos; please update your system.

i've checked a couple of up-to-date repos; it's 2.18 in testing, not stable yet.

Check here instead https://webkitgtk.org/2017/09/11/webkitgtk2.18.0-released.html

I have read the release announcement as well (https://webkitgtk.org/2017/09/11/webkitgtk2.18.0-released.html). I have updated my system again, but it is still 2.16.6-1. I would like to use the stable repos. Should AUR be activated to get 2.18? Sorry, but I am new.

I actually use stable also, theres instructions here and how to change branch.



Thank you very much. I have done it and right now almost 400MB are going to be downloaded. I hope it will be fine. The latest WebKitGTK is critical for a secure system an I like to use Epiphany/Gnome Web Browser.


On unstable brunch you might have issues with some software, but you can always revert back.

Now everything is updated and - knocking on wood - is working. For usual I would not touch the unstable brunch, but good to know that Manjaro could handle a situation like this.

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