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Available in both 32 and 64 bit versions, Manjaro is suitable for newcomers as well as experienced Linux users.

does the 32-bit status as a semi-separate project need clarifying here?

Well Arch which Manjaro is based off did drop 32-bit support, so officially Manjaro is no longer 32-bit. However many other distros are doing the same thing.

huh... Doesn't even look like there is a link to the 32-bit project in the downloads page

Might be nice to have a link to the 32-bit somewhere on the website. Like under community release.

Yeah - we dropped 32 aswell. @jonathon and others sought to revive it, which is why its in this kinda weird phase. I agree there should be some clarifying, cleaning up, links added, etc.
More or less understand the 32-bit version to be a community respin. I dont really expect it to become 'official' - and therein lies the most immediate concern for reworking certain snippets on the site.

What is wrong, is it unavailable in 32bit version? Too many details would only add confusion.

I think the issue is that the 32-bit version is mentioned to be available, but there are no links and description of what exactly it is and where to be found.

Why would adding those three links @realmain mentioned cause confusion? If anything, this lack of information is what can cause confusion.

True but in this and so many other cases, manjaro needs to make things clear. It would be nice to have a consistend path we follow instead of "ohh lets see what we change today ... MAYBE :o)".

Because while I love Manjaro (as system and community) I hate the whole development process :disappointed_relieved:

@philm and @oberon are the ones who update the website.
Maybe write:

Manjaro is suitable for newcomers as well as experienced Linux users. It officially supports 64 bit architecture, 32 bit version being supported as a community project manjaro32.

What is the go-to link for manjaro32, @jonathon?

I think we need to decide what manjaro32 is. Originally, it was just going to be an overlay repo for arch32 with my builds of Manjaro packages, but thanks to Phil it's essentially supported to the same degree as the main Manjaro project - it just has a parallel set of repos. I don't see it as a separate project with its own website etc.

I'd be happy if it was just added as a 32-bit Xfce download on the main pages, whether Official or Community, and I can redirect the domain to

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Then the solution would be to leave the main description unchanged and add a link to i686 ISO to the Downloads page.

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