What am I missing?

Had to edit the post cuz its easy to trigger trolls when they have to read too much.

Sorry... TL;DR :frowning:

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Yes, startup will fail if any partition on that drive is listed in your /etc/fstab

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Nice to know. I'm assuming this is why awhile back when I deleted the Manjaro install on the backend of my SSD my main Manjaro install Wouldn't boot till I restored a copy of the second Manjaro.

The 08:50 bus?


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What are you missing? You're missing the fact that you shouldn't ask a loaded question like that. That said how old are your monitors cause burn-in hasn't existed for over a decade.

Suggestion for the mods, might want to rename the section to"

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Boot from a live image, chroot into your old install, and edit fstab to remove the offending line. Reboot from the old install.

Having used Linux exclusively for 15 years, you probably know how to do this. But did you know that it's actually quicker to do that than to write that long post?


I'm well aware of how to recover it with a live image as explained in the original post, that wasn't the point. Even if I didn't I think I'd know better than to ask on the Manjaro forums. It's a forum full of condescension and clowns rather than anything constructive and helpful. I like the distro....the community, well it's probably the worst.

The point was that even mounting without the nofail option shouldn't kill the boot when the disk is literally empty. No recovery shell option is, well....yeah. That's my own ignorance though, being that Debian still includes a recovery mode option with every kernel listed in grub I would think it was the norm. Yet apparrently Manjaro's (maybe Arch too) answer to everything is "you need to boot another Linux system". So if you have a laptop running Manjaro, and your on the go....well you better carry a Live USB with ya just in case.

And to the clown with the 6350, well the monitors aren't as old as your CPU. https://eu.aoc.com/en/monitors/e2470swhe
Burn in probably isn't the right phrase, it goes away and it's not really an issue if the monitor doesn't sit there with the same image for hours on end because the system fails to sleep. Again, not a problem with Debian and Manjaro running on low end setups like yours.

The post was a constructive criticism. I probably should have shortened it up cuz ya know......reading. Rather than being silly well maybe someone who knows a thing or 2 has an answer, but that's probably a stretch around here.

If you want assistance or an answer to a problem, creating a rant really isn't the right way to go about it.

There are lots of helpful people here but most of them either don't respond well to a negative rant or don't read the rants and raves section at all.

If you remove the original post, there isn't really any reason for this topic to continue.


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