What are the things to remember when installing and updating Manjaro (KDE)?

I'm gonna install Manjaro KDE again after more than a year and I have already made a Live USB using Rufus. Successfully booted into the Live USB. I am following the guide [HowTo] Dual-boot Manjaro - Windows 10 - Step by Step

It's been more than a year and I forgot most of the things to keep in mind when installing Manjaro. So what should I keep in mind?

  • I remember to use non-free for Nvidia. (Btw, I have Intel CPU and Nvidia GPU on my laptop, what tweaks should I do for the best graphic performance or to avoid any graphical glitches?)

  • I remember an advice to use TTY when updating? Is it (ctrl+alt+F2)?

  • I remember to use Pamac. Is it better to use Yay now as what I've been reading recently?

  • Any recent issues and fixes I should take note of? (I'll also be searching it on Manjaro News)

What else? Thanks.

That will work

It is personal preference, you can use either.

Don't overthink it, especially if you have used Manjaro before.


It's just preference

Always check the announcements subforum before running updates.


I think you've got a couple more options regarding dual gpu setups than there were a year ago so that's worth looking into.

Besides that it seems like you're set :slight_smile:

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Personally, I would not apply any Nvidia tweaks yet, until you experience issues, like screen flickering, etc. There are posts on how to fix/tweak if it happens, just search. And yes, do use the Nvidia-non-free. If you want any of the settings in Nvida-Settings to be automated at login, use this guide. Don't install the nvidia non-free drivers using that guide though, use the System Settings/Hardware Configuration app in Manjaro.


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