What file systems should i use

Hi there, thanks for all beforehand
I will like to install the lasted relese of manjaro of that way:
GPT scheme:
What file systems should I use in each of them?

a) first in your Bios , only UEFI ( no fast boot ,no CSM , etc )
b) 2nd , your disk must be GPT
c) /boot/efi fat32 + option boot, esp ( size between 100Mo to 300Mo , *** DO NOT CREATE IF WINDOWS , only add as mountpoint *** )
/ ext4 size between 15Go to 40Go ( /boot inside so ext4 but here no size limit )
/home ext4 size all the rest

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if you have to ask what partition layout and partition format to use it is probably best to just let calamares handle that for you and automatically partition the drive


/boot/efi - vfat/fat32
/boot - Is there a reason you want a separate /boot partition?
/home - ext4
/ - ext4
swap - swap

thanks to everyone

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