What is solution for "Warning: Failure to Retrieve Some Files" message?

I see the "...failure to retrieve..." message in some of the lines of code yet it is continuing to download. Should I stop the dll and start over?

Just a bit of advice.
You might try including more information in your posts. The last couple posts have been 2 or 3 sentences with very little information.

  • What are you trying to download?
  • What is failing to be retrieved?

All very valuable information.

downloading git.

not sure whats failing to retrieve.

see attachmentos%20snip%204

Try updating your system.

pamac checkupdates
pamac upgrade

Even without pamac there is common tool

You seem to like to know how to work from the terminal.
Please make sure all other update managers (etc) are closed.
sudo pacman-mirrors -f && sudo pacman -Syyu


running updates now

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