What is the best way to install Julia in Manjaro?


I've been wondering how to properly install and configure Julia on Manjaro. The Julia package provided by pacman has some issues. Namely, updating Julia and installing new modules using Pkg would fail.

I also tried JuliaPro, but this one has its own problems too, such as not being able to find Python dependencies which I do have installed. For instance, Julia has a pyplot() function that uses Python's matplotlib to create plots. However, JuliaPro cannot find matplotlib on my system even though I do have it properly installed with pacman.

Do you think installing Julia as a snap would work? Or is there some other way to install it properly?

Thank you in advance.

I’m not sure whether it’s the best way, but when I was playing around with it a while back I seem to recall the preferred means of installation being via the Atom text editor, as add on packages.

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