What music player you are using?

What music player you are using and why ? I use Amarok because I use KDE, the lyrics feature seems useful to me but the Wikipedia doesn't work.


Deadbeef with lyrics support :slight_smile:


cmus, because it was the first curses-based player I stumbled upon and it does everything I need.


I try banshee, it similar to iTunes and have great sorting feature for my library, but the theme seems broken in KDE, some button is missing but I still can click over it

Deadbeef here too :smiley:

I think I should give it a try. Thx for the reccomendation

Clementine, its been my music player since songbird died


guayadeque for gapless playback of albums.


I strongly recommend Clementine, it's my first choice on every desktop. It is based on Amarok and has no problems with large music collections. It is very customizable. In my opinion, it has the best sorting options. Next best imho is guayadeque, however, I experienced a few bugs, it does not have all the features of clementine and it is a better choice for xfce.

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Guayadeque is good for me.

I use Pragha as music player because i have no problems with it.

Apart from the ever-present VLC, I use different music management/organisation programs depending on the distro I'm in.

For Manjaro it's Guayadeque. Apart from that, I'm partial to Clementine and Lollypop. I do have Pragha in one distro and while more utilitarian, I find the sound playback quality good.

Not keen on Banshee, and Rhythmbox is ok, I guess.

Amarok seems very unwieldy.

I mostly use audacious, but discovered Deadbeef recently. Very nice!

I mostly use Amarok. Sure it has a very clumsy interface but underneath, it's very powerful. I've also briefly tried Clementine, but I was at a loss as to how it was supposed to be different and revolutionary when compared to Amarok (seriously other than more support for internet radio, what is the difference?). I'm not really a big user of internet radio and streaming since I am an audio snob and must have all my music as 300 kb/s flac files. I also happen to rip the occasional CD (what are those things?!) which Amarok does and Clementine doesn't (at least not intuitively). I have considered other music players, but I feel that Amarok ties in the best with my KDE desktop environment.

Edit: I have retried Clementine and I have found that most of what I said is actually false now. Last time I tried using the player I was on Ubuntu LTS so the version of Clementine was probably really old. I have now found that Clementine does now rip CD's. In fact I would say that Clementine is now really growing on me. :slight_smile:

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gmusicbrowser here, a very flexible user interface and a few quite useful plugins.

Cantata is pretty cool


VLC, simple needs, simple app !

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because I use scripts; this one (~/bin/pl), for example

ls -F --color=auto echo -n "what? " read z;mplayer $z ~/bin/pl
then I type two or three initial letters of why I’d like to listen to and an asterisk, and as soon as what I chose has finished, the script asks me ‘what?’ again; I choose smth else or press ctrl+c to quit.

Audacious and Sonata on xfce/i3, ncmpcpp on the command line (Sonata and ncmpcpp are mpd clients).
Amarok on KDE.

youtube on firefox


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