What to do when AUR package blocks an update

You definitely not.

I agree with you, but I didn't want to tell it all in his face, because there is little educational value in it.

But my appeal at you too, instead of joining an argument in an update topic, just flag the post, it will be moved and then you and others can try to convince mistaken poster in a dedicated topic.

You see, that could mean: either that i did not let the wiki explain it, then i would have to ask: What is this exactly? in regard with this comment of mine:

or it could mean that i'm not ignorant :slight_smile:
Should i interpret it the "wrong" way :stuck_out_tongue: ?

The initial post was not something to flag as was not against any of the forum rules, and the correction made by @Yochanan was perfectly legit, short and to the subject, and any rational person would have just take it as it was, but someone felt like arguing more with another opposing statement that was somehow formulated different, pushing the rhetoric a bit. So, i tried my best to explain it again.
After that was too late for flagging because we received not only strawman arguments, facepalms on our comments, but also been accused of not caring about. At such point i will not wait for any admin or moderator to take time for the issue. Is a community issue, so anybody belonging to the community should be able to defend it. If that is not the case, then maybe is time to call it something else ... :wink:

Of course, you should. :wink:

It can be flagged as off-topic. This is my position, when people post off-topic in update announcements, kick their ass politely. But it is just a recommendation.
You are of coursefree to start trying to argue with them, but I'm free to be unamused that I need to move more posts to a separate topic.

Anyway, I don't have any hope that anybody changes in any way.

I'll stay away from the forum, so nobody will imply i'm the one that has to change.
Have a good one!

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