What's best for running a Windows 10 VM on Manjaro?

Hi! So, I'm going to be (massively)upgrading my laptop(Celeron, 4GB RAM, 512GB Hard Drive) to a new one soon, and there were two laptops I was looking at. I plan on wiping the drive(W10 preinstalled) and installing Manjaro, as I love it so much more, but I still need to go on to Windows 10 from time to time, and a VM would just be so much more convenient. Anyway, here are the two laptops I'm looking at ---

Intel i5-1035G1 | 8GB DDR4 RAM | 512GB SSD

Intel i3-1005G1 | 16GB DDR4 RAM | 512GB SSD

Which would be best for running Windows 10 in a VM? I'll just be running Roblox in it, that's all.

Get the i5 and upgrade the RAM.

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I agree with @jonathon go with the better processor and upgrade ram later. Especially because the i5 has 4 cores instead of 2.

I wanted to post the same tutrial as @Wollie but Wollie was a little bit faster :sweat_smile:. Anyway, I think you will find it also helpful


Assuming I won't have extra money/time to do any upgrades after purchase, which should I pick?

*nah, don't assume. I won't be able to upgrade... I'm getting a replacement laptop and donating this one for a sibling to use as a laptop for homeschooling. Again, sadly, I won't be able to upgrade...

I also know how to use Windows 10 in a VM, just looking at what you guys would reccomend for a laptop(I'll be using it for a while!)

I'd still go with the i5, it has more computing power 8 GB are fine for now and you have the option to upgrade it later (when you have saved up money again). You can choose an edition with a low memory footprint like LXDE or the Openbox-edition, then 8 GB should be plenty. Even though the topic as 2 years old and a lot of things have changed you can get an idea of it here: https://archived.forum.manjaro.org/t/ram-consumption-of-different-manjaro-editions/41133/2

Edit: I did not see your edit before I posted this, but I my suggestion remains the same anyway.

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Ok, if you think it's the better buy(w/out upgrades), I'll go with the i5 then. In your/other's opinion(s)/experience(s), how much of a performance gain would I get with the i5 compared to the i3?

Plenty of information out there on the web.


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