Whats the best version of manjaro

so i'm looking to install Manjaro on a Raspberry Pi 4 Model b and im wondering what the best version is. im used to windows if it helps

That’s a rather subjective question, as no two experiences are alike. I will say that XCFE and Cinnamon are laid out very similar to the Windows environment, so you’d probably be more comfortable with one of those than say, GNOME or i3.

Also, for something ARM based you’re gonna want a resource efficient environment. I’d ask the ARM team which one they think is best. Consider adding the #manjaro-arm tag to your post.

so is what your saying is it depends if its arm or not

so its arm v8

Here, have a look at the ARM section of the forum. If this is your first time ever using a Raspberry Pi I recommend XCFE over KDE. They’re all Manjaro regardless. There really isn’t a “best” Manjaro, so to speak. The only thing that changes is the desktop environment. And I can’t tell you which one you’ll like because I’m not you. :smile: Have a look at the wiki and do some research on each environment to see which one you’d like best.

ok will do

Redundant - please search before posting

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