What's the importance of Gaming for the adoption of the Linux Desktop?

I think the point is that even at 30%, that is absolutely gigantic compared to Linux desktop market share. If even a fraction of those 30% move to Linux, it would move the Linux market share needle quite a bit.

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Most means majority. 30% is not majority.
My point stands.

Do not make me imply what i did not. I did wrote that improving gaming experience would help.
What i pointed is that it's not the main factor that would increase adoption.

It will be even less when new xbox and ps hit the market! Console and subscription is the future.

Plus the new competition with game streaming services such as Stadia and GeForce Now -- even though theoretically it should be OS independent, from what i've read it's still quite not the case ...

Welcome to Holocene Park!


142% of statistics are suspect.

I'm not sure that's geometrically or kinematically possible. I suspect that standing requires three-dimensionality, whereas a point is merely two-dimensional; some might even argue one. I think it probably just sits, all splodgy & inert. Such losers, points.


Gaming drove the development of PCs. That is a historical fact.


Where those numbers come from please? All dating methods are flawed big time ... Not to push the discussion in that direction, but is like saying sexual reproduction was before there where sexual creatures, and that is just not true. And for sexual reproduction you need mature, fully developed, compatible male and female partners. There is no way around it naturally :slight_smile:
Even in our days, hybrid mix (liger, tigon, zonkey, zorse, hinny, mule) are infertile no matter what, and birds do not mix to each other naturally, nor reptiles. Some don't mix nor even to habitate together ... No evidence anywhere of transitions.

Never seen that except movies. Splicing DNA will not fecundate any eggs :stuck_out_tongue:

Again, back on topic: Games might be an interest for many people, i don't like to speculate on numbers, but there are plenty that do not game anymore, they use linux, windows, mac os for totally different reasons and for different tasks. Some of my concept artist friends, that work for companies like EA Games, Gameloft, Trion Worlds - seem to not find the time for gaming anymore, they just do concept art and move to the next project. People that play games are those that have a lot of time disponible :slight_smile: I don't know many of them, and even less using linux.

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Have you ever thought about the overlap between PC gamers and people that are asked when it comes to buying and maintaining pc stuff? Unless you work in IT there is no higher overlap.
As such getting a bigger share there would also in the following cycles of buying and recommendation get more people on linux with people they know and ask for help and support.
Never underestimate the power of word of mouth.


OMFG! This sounds like a term paper I had to do in college Metaphysics class.


And was nothing wrong to put there 86 or even 90 million years. Nobody can check that. Make it 100000 billions from me :rofl:


Galliform like features where thus before then what this Nature article states.


Wikipedia is again a good basis to find relevant articles.

like this one.


but we are getting off topic :crazy_face:


Not really, no.

As a PC gamer myself, i have kept a dual boot with Windows for more than 10 years solely for playing games. Every thing else was done on Linux.
I did fully switched to Linux in the end, and mostly thanks to Steam's work on Proton, though it was Win7 end of support that did the final push.

My computer is custom, i even upgraded it a few months ago.
I did help two parents with buying computers (laptops) and put them on Linux. One is a regular user and kept it ; the other isn't and failed to keep hers up-to-date, switching back to Windows in the end because she couldn't do what she wanted to.

I have worked in IT for 10 years. I know some of my (past and current) colleagues are also PC gamers, but i don't know what kind of PC they have, so i don't know if they would also be able to provide help as you describe. We had some discussions about Linux because they knew i use it, but from what i recall there wasn't really any plan to switch to Linux, even less about whether you could game on it.

From that, i'd say there are two ways to switch to Linux : either you get a computer with Linux already on it, or you are motivated to voluntarily do the switch. And currently, most people would be in the former case.


Anything can be put in a wiki, and anything can be in science daily. Is as good story as any science fiction, but not all from there can be checked by the scientific method. Did you know they date the fossils by the strata and the strata by fossils? Must love that circular reasoning ... Since we live on a layered strata earth, and are fossils between strata layers, and strata layers can be only formed rapidly by floods, their text book is flawed. And that can be checked by experiments :wink:
Now, THOSE are the kind of games i indeed like, and i need no OS to install :grin:

So improvement of the Gaming experience under Linux did make you leave evilOS behind for good. Isn't that just the point I'm trying to make and that you argue against?

I put all of my family on Linux, except my Brother because Gaming wasn't/isn't there for him, yet.

And if Linux were to become the superior Gaming platform compared to W, as I'm quite certain it will, wouldn't this also be a BIG reason to switch to Linux?

You doubt all of geology, palaeontology and .... science? What experiments do you refer to?

Back to our original question: with amniotic eggs showing up roughly 340 million or so years ago, and the first chickens evolving at around 58 thousand years ago at the earliest, it’s a safe bet to say the egg came first .

The egg being Gaming in this analogy, but I hope the difference between Gaming and Linux Gaming will not be several hundred million years. To stay on topic :stuck_out_tongue:


That's not really true for several reasons one being https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parthenogenesis
but there are many examples in nature that don't require bi-sexual reproduction.

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Gaming capability under Linux is an important factor if you are a gamer.
(Also, as i stated, the lack of gaming capability under Linux did not prevent me from using Linux for everything else.)

Thus, if you are not gaming -- which is the case for most people -- theoretically you should not have any obstacle to switch to Linux. And yet, Linux adoption is still minimal.

Which means there are likely other, more important factors, that prevent Linux adoption from rising.

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That's really not entirely true. Technically, yes, "most" people don't game. A incredibly big percentage of the population does though (IIRC something around 40%), and an increasing one. That being said, probably like 40% of those are console and mobile players. Still, nothing to scoff at.

Science is a method, the scientific method - to establish a cause and effect relationship. I have no doubt about it. It works all the time.
Geology, paleontology and other like them, "are" pseudo-science.
Biology, Chemistry and Quantum Mechanics "are" science, as they adhere to the scientific method:

  • Observe a natural phenomena
  • Formulate an hypothesis: what causes the effect observed? Give the best bet on it.
  • Make an experiment to prove your hypothesis.
  • The experiment has 3 constituent parts: Independent variable (your presumed cause) - manipulated by YOU during the experiment, Dependent variable (the effect), Controls - are factors that need to remain constant.

If you follow this method, Biology and Chemistry will show you that

is bonkers at best, if not the most insane statement made ever :wink:

What would make it more clear and obvious is the meaning of antecedent.
Parent(s) is/are antecedent of baby. That is logically valid and also biologically proven. Is valid also for something like egg is antecedent of baby, but not a baby without parent(s).

Mate, that is ASEXUAL reproduction. Please don't equivocate it with SEXUAL reproduction. Since both asexual and sexual reproduction are still here with us today, and observable to totally different "species", what made you think one is the derivative of the other, and one came before the other?
The issue i have is that even the taxonomic classification is made to confuse people that there is a sort of evolution tree ... I put 10 rocks of different size in a row, from small to big, call it evolution of rocks and label it science ... Are we in this game? :rofl: :joy: :rofl: Sad day for Linux gaming indeed! :stuck_out_tongue:

This is true. I also might add that gaming on linux is and continues to evolve quickly. With Steam's Proton and Lutris + DVKX and the like, more and more high-end 3D games now play on linux, and it is getting easier to do so. Gaming is important. Outside of the business world, imo, it is the number one mentioned reason for picking a Micro$oft PC.

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