When I try to switch GPUs, I end up with a black screen (or a black screen with only a blinking cursor)

I was trying to switch to intel after installing optimus package manager but couldn't solve the issue (i didn't undetstand the wiki's solution https://wiki.manjaro.org/index.php?title=Optimus_Manager#FAQ_.2F_Troubleshooting)It is second time i am facing this problem
Please help me solve this problem?

Start with post the output from
inxi -Fxxz
If you have two gpu (nvidia 940mx) you need maybe bumblebee


hah, replace one thing thats broken for another that will cripple it while being broken.
optimus manager lets you switch from intel only(by using nouveau or bbswitch to shut off nvidia) or intel/nvidia (the way prime does it). it writes the configs each boot depending on which method you want to use.

@meshikhah you created a similar thread yesterday, you should edit your first post here and link to it so others may see what was done previously. i thought we has this taken care of yesterday? the only issue you were having is that when on the intel gpu it wasnt showing up on neofetch so i considered it solved since you had it working and switching fine after removing the existing configs that you missed.
did you change something after that?

you had a working optimus-manager setup which is better than bumblebee in every way that i can think of. performance/vulkan/hdmi/ all the things you cant do with BB. so dont dump the optimus-manager setup just yet. we need to know what you have done since then and logs to see whats going wrong.
this post will tell you how to provide those logs.

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To be on the safe side, I always say maybe :wink:

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Well, it's not that accurate as you may think. In case of quite weak GPUs like 940mx or my mx150, running a whole X with all applications plus something heavy like 3D game or cuda computing process may result in overall laggy experience. For more powerful GPUs like 1050, etc it's okay I think.

since you use bumblebee and optimus-manager (just mentioned in another post), which would you say performs better?

I don't like Kwin performance when it's run on nvidia (optimus-manager). I really love how smooth it is on Intel (bumblebee). This is also may be caused by poor nvidia driver quality, can't say for sure.

ive noticed the same, kwin has some graphical glitches when using nvidia that i dont get with gnome. after suspend i have to restart latte-dock or every icon looks like a fine coarse black/white static and other windows do it too but as soon as they are moved return to normal. none of the compositor options make any difference so for now its just something i'll have to live with.

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