When will Manjaro 18.0 stable be released?

When the Manjaro 18.0 will be released? :smiley:

So why there are to versions of ISOs: 18 beta and stable 17.X?

i think also the waiting for the stable kernel 4.19 is also another reason since it's the next LTS


Because, 18.0 is the Testing for the new releases, 18.0 will be out when it's ready.

Image releases on Manjaro is just snapshots of installed packages at a given time, plus some changes to defaults along the way, like themes and installed applications.
If you update your 17.X install when you see the announcement for 18.0 release, you will be on the same version of packages as the 18.0 is.

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Based on the release schedule, we should make it just fine for Manjaro v18.0 in October (CW44):

  • XFCE: more fixes will come into XFCE4-GTK3 as Xubuntu and Fedora are pushing it
  • KDE: v4.13 is stable and got its last point release. v4.14.1 should be out on the 2018-10-16, which might push us back to end of October for our v18.0 release
  • Gnome: v3.30 series should mature till then. 3.30.1 will be out by end of September. 3.30.2 might be to tight, as released on the 2018-10-24, which might be still possible for a CW44 release
  • Linux419 might be out either 14th or 21th of October, which points also to a CW44 release

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