When will Plasma 5.19 land in manjaro?

This is a pretty specific question and there might be a more general answer to it. Plasma 5.19 offers two pretty nice features I am looking forward to use, so since it has been officially released yesterday, I'd like to know when it will approximately land in the manjaro repos.

I am not really familiar with the process, so:

Is there some kind of testing procedure usually going on for now software releases, are there other decisions involved or will it pretty much land right away after release?

It is currently in the unstable branch. It is a major release so it could take time before it is available.

Packages generally move from unstable->testing->stable

If you want to test it ahead of time, you can switch to the unstable branch.



It's already landed in unstable: http://manjaro32.org/repo-compare/extra.html


Just know that comes with risk. I think I read on another post where there are a couple of issues with 5.19 they are working on, so I would recommend it go through the baking process and use when its done. :wink:

Alright. I read that this is depending on how long it takes to make sure there are no outstanding problems? Just out of curiosity, how is that detected? I mean, do you monitor bugtrackers whether there appear reports from Manjaro users, is this manually tested by some kind of QA team for Manjaro or something like that?

Alright, I will look into it.

Thanks for that link, that is what I looked for, although unfortunately rather vague about the underlying process and how much time it might take.

There is certainly some degree of risk running in unstable. Packages can sometimes arrive in unstable which are not fully ready. That being said, a lot of people run in unstable full-time so it isn't an overwhelming risk.

There are users who use unstable full-time and also some who use testing full-time. In most cases, the team relies on reports from those users and if there aren't any it is promoted through each step.

There is no formal QA team.

In most cases, it takes 1-2 weeks for packages to move from unstable->stable. However, in the case of a major release of kde or gnome, the packages will often be held-back until they are deemed to be sufficiently stable. Sometimes, that means waiting for a point release or two with bugfixes. Other times, they flow right through.


Yep, also read the big warnings on the Wiki page. Was it a post here in the forum that you read? I guess I will just try it (I currently don't use Manjaro for production).

Ok, I guess I will give it a try then, wish me luck :slight_smile:

So these users directly would report bugs to manjaro (not upstream to the corresponding project), or are the upstream trackers watched?

With team I guess you refer to the manjaro package mainainers?

So basically they are monitoring how well a package is received and if everything seems to run smoothly they "promote" the package to the next "ring" and if things don't run smoothly they wait until it got fixed upstream, but don't fix those things themselves, correct?

If you go to the Announcement section, you will find categories for Unstable, Testing and Stable. You can see that there is a large number of users in Unstable and Testing, who get the update first. If something is broken, they report back. If the team is confident enough that the updates are fine, they move them into the next branch. As stated by someone before, Major updates takes a little bit longer, as there are usually more bugs and issues in the beginning. In this specific case, there seem to be no bigger issues, so it might take not that long. But at the end, it's up to Devs.

That is a pretty reasonable description.

Got it.

Also just for you info, I am using the unstable branch now, without noticeable problems so far (only a minor graphical "glitch" on KDE when using Alt+Tab - https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=422779).


2:42 pm.

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