Where can I find my VMware installtion

Hi - Just a day old in Manjaro and Linux in general. I installed VM Ware from repository but cannot see it anywhere. I did try to relogin / restart but still cant find. Please advise where to look for ..

VMware can be intimading because Arch and by inheritance Manjaro is not a suppoted host system.

And VMware is not in any Manjaro repository. It is only available using AUR build script.

What did you install specifically?


I installed this...

open-vm-tools is not vmware.

These are tools to make a Manjaro guest run optimal inside a vmware virtual machine.

Okay....thought it was the same. Will remove it as i was looking for vm ware.

Thanks for the quick replies...

Virtualbox works well and is in the repositories.

Hi - You mean install a virtual box in Manjaro and then install VM Ware in it ? Sorry can you please elaborate.


I think they are recommending using virtualbox instead of vmware.

Yes. I'm not sure virtual machine inception is possible. You're welcome to try and report back.

Nested virtualization is possible, but it isn't the best performance decision :snail:

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