Where can i get bootia32.efi?

Hello. I want to install manjaro on my machine, but it is quite old tablet. I run manjaro booting it by yumi and it works very good. But i cant install it, because manjaro installer does not support multiboot and manjaro image iso doesn't containt bootia32.efi file, only bootx64.efi. But i read here that it supports 32bit efi, so where can i get this file? I have of course 64bit cpu, but uefi is only 32bit.

Please dig a little deeper - I remember that within the last couple of weeks a member posted how to succeed installing 64-bit Manjaro using 32-bit efi.

I did it for you - Successfully installed manjaro on 32-bit efi / 64-bit cpu


Ok, thank you, it is now booting. I use this bootia file and grub extracted from manjaro 32 bit.

But... It is still not working. I make bootable usb from this tutorial, not from that one in second post, because the tutorial from second post says that i first must make usb with rufus, then overwrite it with unetbootin. But the problem is that i cannot overwrite this, because usb is read only and it is not visible by unetbootin.

Anyway, I finally make this usb, but hen i try to install it i have this error: Manjaro installation freezes at 90% installing bootloader.

We'll need a little more information. Posting the results of 'inxi -Fxxxza` would be a good place to start (use the </> button.) This can be run from a terminal from the liveUSB.

Many systems with uefi32 had baytrail processors which can be prone to freezing. The only recovery is a hard reset with the power button, but you did not say how you recovered. A work around would be to add intel_idle.max_cstate=1 to the kernel arguments before booting into the Manjaro liveUSB. The freeze problem had been fixed in kernel >= 5.3, so unless you are using an old ISO, it is unlikely to be the problem.

Do you have enough disk space for the installation? Please post sudo parted -l

Be aware that my guide is now a little out of date. Something has changed with either the grub installer or the Manjaro ISO. The new strategy is to first install Manjaro32 and then install any Manjaro 64 over it, using the same partitions that Manjaro32 setup. The grub install for Manjaro 64 will fail, but the grub for Manjaro32 will be left alone and it will boot Manjaro64 as long as the root partition was unchanged (don't format.)
The Manjaro32 liveUSB can be made using the Manjaro recommended methods, while the Manjaro64 will still need the hack.

When I have time, I'll try to debug my hack, so that the Manjaro64 grub i386-efi install will succeed without even more steps.

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