Where can the transparency of the KDE Panel be set?

Hi, although I've been using KDE for a long time, I'm desperately looking for a way to change the transparency of the KDE Panel.

Maybe I'm bind!

Please give me a hint!

KDE system-settings ==> Desktop behavior ==> Desktop effects ==> Translucency.
Or in konsole (terminal): Settings ==> Edit current profile ==> Appearance ==> edit ==> background transparency.


Use latte-dock, kvantum and a transparent glass theme:

The arrow shows the latte-dock rather pointlessly :smiley:


Oh. But OP asked

I have never mucked about with this setting before, but decided to follow your clue now out of curiosity. I only see this:
...& obviously nothing there says "Panel". Would it be correct for me to assume that ergo the panel cannot in fact be modified for transparency unless the user is happy to also have all other [non-panel] elements also modified? If true, it would seem to me a surprising omission by KDE to not give us independent control of panel alone.

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Yeah. There isnt one. Its built into the theme.
You have to edit things by hand. Some vector images IIRC. So inkscape time.

..yup. looks like
depending on where its located.

I suggest copying to a new THEME folder in the .local path like above, and messing with it from there.

If anyone wants more help, let me know.


stopping by to add that after a quick search its confirmed with some extra info:

panel-background.svg[z] ## for panels
background.svg[z] ## for popup windows
tooltip.svg[z] ## for tooltips
translucentbackground.svg[z] ## for desktop widgets.


Yeah, when I reead your post I saw that it is about the panel. Didn't see that when I saw the OP's post. Have to start reading better. Now I only saw transparency in KDE. So, I typed my answer. My mistake.

Dont' worry!

KDE offers so many settings, therefore I am surprised that this is not so easy.

Thanks a lot for your answers!

Probably I have to ask my question differently and explain what the problem is.

To use the transparency in conky I activated compositing. Since then, the panel no longer looks black. It has more of a green tint, see picture.


My goal is to change this back to black. My first thought was that I could do that through transparency.

Compositing allows for transparency. (For this and other reasons most users have it turned on.)
With it turned off you wont get it anywhere ... your panel is again hardcoded in the theme like above.

Heres an example with panel-background from the 'breath' desktop theme.
You will notice on the far right the "A" or alpha setting is 220. That is out of 255.
(which means somewhat transparent)


I tried to create my own theme by using breath and copying the folder
and rename it to MyTheme

But this didn't work.

I made it easy for myself and copied the file /usr/share/plasma/desktopthem/breath/widgets/panel-background.svg to my home folder and changed it. Then I made a backup from the original /usr/share/plasma/desktopthem/breath/widgets/panel-background.svg and replaced it with my changed file.

Works fine for the moment!
I fear the next update will destroy my changes.

Thanks @ all

Make a new copy of the full theme into the ~/.local and copy your file into it. Lets say you call the folder "Breath-Mine" ... then for easy handiling change the terms in the 'metadata.desktop' file to match.
These things wont be borked by an update, though you may want to save/copy/paste again when updates come for the original.
Glad you are happy so far.
I have done this and currently use 'AdaptaMaiaMine'
(extra - for me - I hate the shadows from the panel, so you can deal with those in the same way :wink:)
Welcome to Plasma theming. :heart:

[ultra side note - I spent some time trying to work out a good sed or awk command you could apply, but between time and my ignorance it didnt work out. (stupid .s)]

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I have manjaro KDE on an old laptop and a brand new tower. Both with Oxygen theme (dark). The panel is fully transparent on the old laptop (intel) but not on the brand new tower (nvidia).
Transparency is working on both with konsole and the transparency settings above.
Another panel is not a solution.

The transparency so still built into the theme. So if oxygen gives you transparency cool.. but does it give you the option to turn it on/off ? Some theme suites do provide that too IIRC (and they are scripts that again augment the theme itself if memory serves). But its still built into the theme. KDE removed it as a 'panel option' after KDE4. Hence the need to, for example, copy your chosen theme and edit it like outlined above.

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It's built into the theme (you can't turn it off) but I just found there's a conflict with nvidia and GL compositing. I get theme transparency with Xrender compositing with Nvidia.
I think there's already an svg background in Oxygen. It's a very minor problem anyway. Addenda: I double checked: the official Oxygen theme in /usr/share/plasma has only svgz files, fully transparent in Inkscape.

I'm running KDE 5.13 on Manjaro 4.14 (old laptop, new tower).

The Oxygen (dark) theme has transparency built-in and it's transparent on the laptop (intel graphic) but not on the tower if I run with the Nvidia nonfree/free with GL2 or 3 compositing. It works on the tower with Xrender compositing.
There seems to be a problem with Nvidia, Gl, and the panel. Only the panel and all it's menus. The latest nvidia nonfree driver was mainly targeting glitches with GL. There are probably still more glitches.

Oh, well then I misread your post. That said .. you should start your own thread instead of necrobumping an old one with an entirely different issue.

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Necrobumping a zombie post? :smiley:
I'm sorry. I'm new to this forum.
I thought the topic was KDE panel transparency.
It's more precisely on the option to set transparency. There is no such option.
It's not an issue important enough to justify a new topic.

Please tell me your theme name wow its looks amazing you did a great work man! hats off!

God knows :smiley: That was probably kvglass, now use a modified materia dark:


In case someone hasn't mentioned it or you haven't found it, there's another file:
...which you can edit to change the transparency of the toolbox and other widgets.

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Try making a new panel, there should be one named "maia panel" use that and then go system settings> desktop behavior> desktop effects> blur

I don't actually know if the "maia panel" is there by default or if it was installed as a dependency of the themes I downloaded

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