Where did all the desktop environments go in architect?

I was installing my Manjaro system again using architect, as one does, and I was surprised to find that when I got to the part where I choose a desktop environment, I only saw the options dev-null, bspwm, and openbox.

Where are the rest of them? (Especially Deepin)

Note: this may be unrelated, but in my previous attempts I wasn't mat with a choice at all, and right at this point I got an error install basepkgs 255.

Any help would be appreciated

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Try this:

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After this error, do you get three messages with "cannot resolve package..." or something like that?

Because I got that and it's because there seems to be added entries in .base that shouldn't be there.

<additional added packages>

When reviewing the packages to be installed, you can remove these three lines and the installer should continue.

Oh that was a bug. - Realized yesterday as well when I was trying to install a Manjaro deepin VM with architect.
Will there be a new iso then?

I guess we can just run an update of the packages on the iso. Might not be enough but could maybe solve it.

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So I would just run

sudo pacman -Syu

from the architect before running setup?

Yes, I noticed that after a while, thanks

No, just do this:

sudo pacman -Sy manjaro-architect profile-validate
sudo manjaro-architect
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I tried that already, it didn't work. Can't remember why though. I'll try it again, thanks for the tip

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If it doesn't work, post the error you receive so we can help you work through it.

Will do of course. Really appreciate your help. The community is awesome

When I try to mount a /dev/sdx, I get an error:
Mounting not possible.

Tried with cfdisk, as well as auto-patitioning. - Updated Manjaro Architect before running it.

New Topic as suggested: Manjaro Architect doesn't work

PS: Sure that the iso isn't broken?

You might want to create a separate topic. Did you make sure it wasn't already mounted?

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