Where does the Application Launcher (KDEPlasma) get it's recent documents list?

This is not so much a help question as a curiosity, I hope that's OK. I found my self wanting to remove a group of files from recent document in my Application Launcher (Plasma Widget). Rather than go through them all with right-click and 'Forget Document' I thought it would probably be easier, in future, if I just knew where the list was in the config files.

So I opened an easily identifiable document, checked it had appeared in the Recent Documents list. I then used Kate to search all text files in my entire home folder entire for the name of the document. The only place it appeared was in Kate's own recent documents list in 'katemetainfos'. Nowhere else. ~/.local/share/RecentDocuments contains a completely different list to the one in the launcher, recently-us.ed.xbel contains another list entirely.

So I thought maybe it's a database of some sort, so I searched .xbel, .db, .sqlite in my home folder. Again, nothing.

I don't really need to know because I can just delete documents using the control menu, but my curiosity won't be assuaged. Where on earth is the list that Application Launcher uses?

A standard most systems use is ~/local/share/recently-used.xbel but since it is KDE - it maybe something else.

Yeah, I checked there, and whilst there seems to be some overlap, it's not compete. It's slightly disconcerting that there's this list of my activities which doesn't appear to be anywhere on my computer. Are KDE tracking me!

I doubt it - could be baloo indexer?

I am not a KDE user - so I cannot say for sure. Have you tried a content search?

grep -rl 'text to search for' ~

I had the same question.

I think recently used files are stored at: ~/.local/share/kactivitymanagerd/resources/database

But as you found out, applications can store similar information (i.e., katemetainfos) for various reasons.

When I removed the files using the menu dialog, and then looked at the tables in the database. The files were removed from ResourceEvent and ResourceScoreCache, but not ResourceInfo. I wonder how that gets cleaned up? Hhhhmmm....

I didn't find any documentation at kde that verified the above.


Some tips that I use.

It helps to execute, find ~ -newermt '1 minute ago', right after you do something to see which files were updated.

If you want to see the details of the database via command line (there are GUI's):
cd ~/.local/share/kactivitymanagerd/resources/

Verify file type:
file database

Show tables:
sqlite3 database .tables
sqlite3 database .schema

Show all rows from a TABLE (replace TABLE with one from above (i.e., ResourceInfo)):
sqlite3 -header database "select * from TABLE"

sqlite3 -header database "select * from ResourceInfo where title like 'myFile%'"

Desktops mostly follow the specifications at https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Specifications/.

KActivitiesStats API Documentation discussions what's captured. The ResourceLink table contains the Launcher's favorites.

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