Where / how to raise bug report

I believe I've found a bug:

@ravi@genesis:~$ touch :example

If I type rm : and hit tab, I'd expect to see:

rm :example

Instead I see:

rm :\:example
rm: cannot remove '::example': No such file or directory

I have removed package bash-completion and this still occurs.

I'm running GNU bash, version 4.4.5(1)-release (x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu)

  1. How do I tell if bash is a Manjaro package or an Arch package?
  2. For each case (I'm on a bug reporting spree recently), how would I report the issue? (Just contact the maintainer listed in pacman -Si bash?)

if it is a manjaro bug, please report it here: https://bugs.manjaro.org/

if it is a bug of the packager, please report it on arch linux' package website for the bash pacakge here: https://www.archlinux.org/packages/core/x86_64/bash/

if it is a bug of upstream bash, click the link to the upstream URL here and search for a way to report the bug:

i am running manjaro unstable branch and have the same bash package version as mentioned in the link to arch linux above: version 4.4.005-1 (get it with "pacman -Si bash"). also, the packager is none of the manjaro team. this means the package is identical to arch linux' package and it is not manjaro's fault.

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This is not really a bug, since ":" is a special character you first need to escape it.

So you should actually do:

touch \:example

ls would then show :example.
To remove it, you have to escape the special character again like:

rm \:example

So it's not a bug, it's a syntax thing.

Thanks @excalibur1234, I'll apply that heuristic in future.

The manual section I'm reading says it's a builtin command, no more special than the tokens . or cd.

Do you have chapter and verse for your assertion?

No, do I need that for basic cli knowledge?
But a quick google turned up this:

@Strit, Did you read the accepted answer on the page you googled?

There's an easy safe set of characters, like [a-zA-Z0-9,._+:@%/-], which can be left unescaped to keep it more readable

Still, they could be wrong, let's ask bash itself what it would like quoted:

$ printf '%q\n' '\"'
$ printf '%q\n' ':example'

I raised the bug yesterday via an email generated from bashbug. No receipt and not listed here.

If anyone has raised a bash bug before and could tell me what the process is after email goes into the black hole, I'd appreciate it.

I did read that, I also read the buttom answer which reads:

[quote=Stack Overflow user]
I noticed that bash automatically escapes some characters when using auto-complete.

For example, if you have a directory named dir:A, bash will auto-complete to dir:A

Using this, I runned some experiments using characters of the ASCII table and derived the following lists:

Characters that bash escapes on auto-complete: (includes space)


Characters that bash does not escape:


(I excluded /, as it cannot be used in directory names)[/quote]

And if autocomplete escapes the :, which it does, so should you when writing the command, just to be safe. It might be a way the fixed the "bug", but I still see : as a special character, so I just always escape it.

It seems that this is caused by bash poorly interacting with readline.

There seems to be zero appetite to fix it.

Here's the thread on bash-bug.

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