Where is daemon.json for docker ?

Where is the dameon.json file for docker on Manjaro ?

Its seems to be completely missing.

I have installed docker in the following fashion:

sudo pacman -S docker

So it must have installed this package.

Its not in /etc/docker:

ls /etc/docker

locate can't find it:

locate daemon.json

I want to move my image directory to another partition.

Symlinks have not worked, so how can I configure docker on Manjaro ?

You have to create the file, same as for any distro.

Read the Docker documentation. This is not a Manjaro-specific issue.

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I dont use docker .. but grepping from the pkg db shows

This for 'daemon's


and this for 'json's


(ach. yeah. as usual, listen to @jonathon :wink:)

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Why are you showing me files from metasploit ? I don't understand.

Thank you so much.

I will do that and thanks for letting me know, linking the appropriate docs for future reference.

Edit the daemon.json file, which is usually located in /etc/docker/ . You may need to create this file, if it does not yet exist. On macOS or Windows, do not edit the file directly. Instead, go to Preferences / Daemon / Advanced .

It is worthless to your query now .. but if you ask ..

To see the files provided by a package (not installed) you can run something like

sudo pacman -Fyx docker

I then grepped for your query like

sudo pacman -Fyx docker | grep daemon

But again .. I was offering that look .. I dont use docker .. jonathon seems to know that this is just part of setup that you have skipped. so .. go read the docker documentation I guess.

No idea. Not my docs :wink:

The archwiki is usually a superb resource though:

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Yeah, I kinda found it. In docker docs itself and not the arch wiki, sorry for wasting your time.

cool. care to share the link and maybe we can mark that as solution ?

I already did that. And the link is on this post.

ah so you did. I dont necessarily get notified of edits. well. cheers. :slight_smile:

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