Where is the Network Controller driver stored in the MJ file system?

Where in the MJ file system is the Network Controller driver stored? Using the terminal, I get the following for the identity of my WiFi card:

[mike@D630 ~]$ sudo lspci | grep -i network
[sudo] password for mike: 
0c:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG [Golan] Network Connection (rev 02)

Also, what name is it likely to have in the file system, as I need to know what I'm looking for.

Many thanks in advance for any feedback on this.

The modules for the Linux Kernel are stored in /usr/lib/modules/ . Each installed Kernel has it's own folder. Since it is an intel card, look in kernel/drivers/net/wireless/intel

But I'm not sure this information will help. There is noting you can do with this moudles. You can not edit them or switch them out. This is not how it works.

Well that's not entirely true. I have read cases where you can play higgedly piggedly with intel firmware. Some adapters can be made to work by substituting another similar adapters firmware and renaming it.

The reason I want the driver is that I'm running a distro named Slitaz on a very low powered machine, but it doesn't come with any WiFi drivers, so I have to copy this driver from my MJ install and transfer it to Slitaz's file system.

The firmware is all available online for download from Intels website.

I assume this firmware is available in a Linux version as well as a Windows version ?

Here is one of the best sources.


This is an old wifi chip, but apparently iwlwifi does support it. Read this page:


I don't believe this is going to work.

You can copy the firmware, but not the Kernel Modules. This can work from one Manjaro Kernel to another but not to a totally different Kernel.

But will see, just try it. But try to use the same Kernel version. Also check the arch, if it is an 32 Bit Kernel a 64 Bit Module form Manajro will definitely not work.

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This is what you get if you go to intel directly for this card:
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Ha, ha. Good one @cscs. Intel is so helpful. :rofl:

This is covered by the iwlegacy driver.


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