Where should I look for pcscd file?

So, before Manjaro I have had the Debian and there was this file (pcscd), I need this app because it is necessary file for my Bank site that based on token. By the way, Fedora's dnf has this file as well.

It is part of the package pcsclite.

I only gave it a quick glance but it looks to me like it is socket activated.

How are you trying to use it?


And if I remember correctly, once pcsclite is installed, the pcscd is disabled by default.

Can you check the output of

systemctl status pcscd

and if you see that it is disabled, enable it once and for all with

sudo systemctl enable pcscd
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Tip: You can find files owned by packages using:

$ pacman -F pcscd
community/pcsclite 1.9.0-1 [installed]


$ pamac search -f pcscd
/usr/lib/udev/rules.d/92_pcscd_ccid.rules is owned by ccid
/usr/bin/pcscd is owned by pcsclite
/usr/lib/systemd/system/pcscd.service is owned by pcsclite
/usr/lib/systemd/system/pcscd.socket is owned by pcsclite
/usr/share/man/man8/pcscd.8.gz is owned by pcsclite
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Thank you!

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