Where to ask for package bugfix updates? (+ My irrelevant opinion on manjaro repos)

Manjaro repos being different from Arch make it more stable and user-friendly, but to delay packages is also to delay new features and bugfixes. There was a bug introduced on the latest stable where chromium doesn't play youtube videos if your hardware supports VAAPI VP9 hardware acceleration, it was fixed on arch 6 days ago, but the update has still not come to manjaro.

I found this topic but it's for manjaro-specific packages only. So the question is where to ask for bugfixes updates from arch?

But since i'm contradicting myself because i'm making an update request right now :stuck_out_tongue: it could translate to asking for an "official" or centralized way (topic/category) to make such requests.

I don't see (i'm not saying it doesn't happen) the Manjaro repos being used to skip updates that would introduce bugs waiting for a bugfix from upstream (and applying the necessary security patches in between) and then pushing the fixed update to stable. Rather, arch updates are being delayed just for the sake of being delayed, and then you call it more "stable" than arch, while still having the trouble to make sure security updates are delivered.

Don't get me wrong, i love this distro and the efforts you guys put into it. I know mostly i'm ranting about is kinda impossible to solve because lack of manpower and the rolling release model. This is just how i see what's happening with manjaro way of dealing with updates.

Here really: Manjaro-specific packages which need an update

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Talking about the Chromium bugfix- possibly it was already updated on Unstable branch

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I've built and uploaded chromium 73.0.3683.86-0 to stable. I think the other branches already have it.

We have chromium 73.0.3683.75-1 in Testing.

Up to you if you want to push it in Testing too.

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Edit: Oh. That might break because of different library versions...

I've just pull new chrome and looks like chrome://flags/#disable-accelerated-video-decode disappeared. I mean it says Not available on your platform.

And delay the new bugs too. :slight_smile:

Yes, indeed. But it is a necessary evil to make sure that the software built and shipped by Manjaro Team doesn't break in Stable just because of an update from Arch. By maintaining their own repo, they can take the time to do the necessary rebuild instead of being reactive all the time if Manjaro instead used the Arch repos directly.

Nowhere, I mean, there is no dedicated topic for that. Packages imported from Arch are imported pretty much daily on Manjaro, and goes on Testing and Stable eventually. It is just a matter of time before Stable (and Testing) get the new stuff.

That actually happens sometime, it has happened in the past, and it is currently happening with GNOME for example (we already skipped some early Gnome 3.32 packages so far).

I agree that the pace has slowed down a bit recently, and not necessarily for technical reason. The fact that Philm is the only one doing the imports between branches (Testing from Unstable, Stable from Testing) doesn't help, especially if he is very occupied outside of Manjaro.

But it isn't delayed just for the sake of being delayed, at least not always. For example, this time, we had to make some adjustments in Pamac in order to make sure that the configuration of Pamac isn't reset because pamac package has been split into 3 packages.

That is indeed a drawback of having three branches, especially witht he current "workforce" that Manjaro has. That is why @jonathon publishes -0 packages for Firefox, Chromium and Thunderbird to compensate a little bit (we sometime get the newest version of those programs before Arch Linux lol), even if I know that they aren't the only programs to have vulnerabilities.

But the only definitive fix for this delay problem is to have more people in the team managing updates. The question is "Who will be part of the Team, and trusted enough to manage the distribution in long term (not someone who will leave in like six months) alongside Philm and co.?"

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