Where to put img files for systemd-boot?

Why do you think it's the most complicated setup?
I have encrypted root and swap, and additionally home on a different volume because it's on a second hard drive. What would be your recommendation?
I know that grub2 can encrypt /boot as well, and at some time I'll look at that, but not at the moment.

Just to be clear, I did not ask you to try grub.
I just ask you to use these parameters in your systemd-boot option line.
Just substitute the $pqr and $abc with your actual values.

But if you want to try grub without installing grub, you can use the grub prompt at the install media boot menu and from the link enter each line. Just be careful your kernels is in /boot,
so not 'linux /boot/vmlinux-xxxxx .....' and 'initrd /boot/initramfs-xxxxx.img'
but 'linux /vmlinuz-xxxxx.......' and 'initrd /initramfs-xxxxx.img'

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