Which ARM device should i go for?

ive been using manjaro exclusively for a little while now on x86 and im thinking of setting up a manjaro arm device but my knowledge of arm up to this point consists of my smartphone so im looking for some advice on options, i would like something as performance orientated as possible. is buying a premade android box a good option or no? any advice here would be appreciated, thanks.

Android boxes are a no go

So choose between a device supported by Manjaro ARM (hint: there isn't much choice at the moment) see Manjaro ARM 18.10 released!

i posted a reply in the arm announcements thread by mistake, anyhow @strit responded with this

Raw performance, the XU4 by a large margin.
As the only device it has USB3 ports, octo-core CPU.
After that the C2. It has Gigabit ethernet and eMMC support.
Lastly the RPI3, with only USB2 and 100 MBit ethernet and no eMMC support, is is the weakest of the devices.

The RockPro64 also seems like a beast of a device, so if I can get my hands on one, we will try to get Manjaro ARM running on that too.

Seeing Manjaro ARM on the RockPro64 would be awesome. It is a very nice SBC.

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I have one on the way, and there is also a test image for it in my nextcloud. I just have no idea if it boots/works. :slight_smile:

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