Which AUR helpers do you use and why?

That's your opinion and you're entitled to it. Octopi has its cons but I like it. Pamac doesn't feel right on Plasma... Anyway, that's not the topic here ;).

sadly, it's a faq, jack.

yay recently added that feature. Currently available in yay-git, soon to be in the next regular release.

Yay is not very good full stop,
trizen is the nearest to pacaur users all have favorites the only way is to try them all 1st and make your own mind up.
yaourt on the other hand has some real good features, like sorting pac file, resync,and has more features than the arch wiki suggests just because its developed by Arch France, not Arch linux, Security wise they all download the pkg file the only difference is yaourt downloads it before you say yes, they all download the tarball the same.

yay builds it cache in you home holder.
but then so can yaourt + you can ge the built packages stored it /var/chache/pacman/pkgs


that does NOT secure the "build",
it only secures the source, so why, like trizen, or yay-git, paint these as mountains over mole hills, when down-deep they're not, they're just more mole hills.
AUR is aur, what don't we get?,

after pacaur and yaourt are gone, i tried trizen, yay, and pikaur.

currently, i use pikaur and like its colorful update notifications. i like its goals, but acknowledge that there is still a way to go before those goals are reached.

i am prepared to switch to other AUR helpers any time i need to.
luckily, pacui supports all the mentioned AUR helpers and it is really easy to add support for more AUR helpers...

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Never mentioned anything about securing the build, just pointed out yay added a new feature :slight_smile:

It's also about how it uses priveleges and doesnt ask for root/sudo before viewing/editing pkgbuild. That is by definition more secure.
I dont want to make a big deal out of it, because I see that argument is generally polluting this thread with pedantics ... but whether we are going by the archwiki chart, or by my summation, I am comfortable using the 'more secure' descriptive.

I already gave a short-winded "recommendation" in yay.

It's young, certainly not perfect, but rapidly improving. 4.505 is much improved over 3.440 (which was much improved over the previous, etc.). From my two reported issues, and tracking some others, the dev is also extremely responsive.

pakku is interesting as it's written in Nim (so it's fast) but it's lacking my requirement of a pacaur-style "--devel --needed". pikaur is likely targeted as a pacaur replacement but it looks like it currently falls over when packages depend on Manjaro-specific packages.

there's a very simpy reason why there is OFFICIAL Arch upstream repo's, (which Manjaro uses), and AUR, which is... well, what evey Arch-based distro uses too, u know the rest.

is simply a testamant to those very facts, soo why keep these charades going ?

Now, if Manjaro wants to completely create/port a brand new, (fully secure, and supportive), ManjAUR, then fine, let's talk..
But until then, I ll say what Kansas said: "Dust in the Wind".

Which is exactly how I do it. Easy to do, works fine, provided there aren't issues with the PKGBUILD or the upstream site.

Yaourt has worked fine for ~6 years so far, for me, so there's my VOTE !

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What exactly are you on about?

I am not advocating anything, I simply pointed out a feature that was mentioned in this thread, which might be useful for people using AUR helpers. Seemed to be in line with this discussion.

The recommended way to deal with AUR packages was listed already here.

no , you're wrong, (even though it tried to hijack itself & friends into BIASED causes),
This thread has now changed itself into a silly "voting" scenario.
reap n weep.
So go n vote.

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Voted already, thanks!

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And over a decade for me in that time i've seen many come and go they all have good and bad points they all hail they are the best then just die,
While yaourt just works does not make any outrageous claims.

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can you, or mods here, please fix this voting thingy, because I have been able to vote numerous times already?
How 'bout ONE VOTE per User, 'cause at least that looks more democratic to me.

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You can pick several options. There's nothing to fix.

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'Kinda like this "voting" thread, -there's "nothing to fix".

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Correct. So let's move on.


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