Which boot mode to choose in Rufus

I am going to dual boot with a GPT Windows 10 installation. Should I also select GPT mode in Rufus when creating my installation media? In the Manjaro User Guide, the Rufus screenshot has "MBR mode for BIOS or UEFI" chosen. I think I should choose GPT mode as that is the mode windows is set up in, but I just wanted to confirm. Does it matter if my USB is using GPT or MBR?

I'm not sure it still matters much, but for what its worth, I'm pretty sure every tool I've ever used for writing .iso's to usb's has formatted the table to mbr.
(Now when it comes time to install you probably want gpt in the machine, but thats not affected by how the usb was written)

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Oh okay. So what I'm selecting with Rufus, is the table of the USB, not of the final installation, which will not be affected by the table of the USB?

As long as your usb is the selected device in rufus then
Correct - Your internal HD already has some sort of partition table, be it MBR or GUID.. if you were to reformat it, you could do so from your booted USB regardless of what the USB's table is.

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Okay, I see. thanks for the info.

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